Photo Safeguard Protocol


Purpose of this page: To explain our 3-step approach to keeping your data and memories safe.

After creating our unique product, one of the main areas that needed to be addressed

Both for us and our customers, was the safety of the photos that are being uploaded. We'd never share our own materials without assurance.

We sent a poll to our customers, and the main questions were:

"What happens to materials when they are uploaded?", "Where are they being stored?""For how long?", "Who has access to them?", or more generally "Is my data safe?".

Then, our tech wizard William championed Data Safety and made sure that maximum security for customer uploaded materials is embed into our DNA. And this is what he came up with...

A unique 3 layer photo protection system..


The photo safety protocol consists of a 3-step safety layer system layer that's designed to protect your beloved memories (photos) from any ill intent!

The safety layers:


Data storage location

All photo uploads are stored on Google Cloud storage in the us-west datacenter region.

Google has the most secure servers in the world. Nothing beats them in terms of technology and safety. You can learn more about it here.


Operating procedures

The storage can be accessed only using encrypted virtual cloud computing devices that we've set up for our designers, with Two-Step Authentication, that are equipped with our own unique signature developed AI Machine learning platform that we use to create the Memory Vaults. 

The virtual devices do not allow downloading or screen capture software and can only be used to send your proofs by e-mail after the design work has been done. An isolated environment.


Auto storage clearance

Any photos or videos you upload are set to automatically delete after 2 calendar weeks. None of them are accessible by anyone, unless customer requested whereby the lead project designer receives access.

We've done this to ensure maximum safety and to also give you the freedom to make changes to your end design - in case you decide to do so.

And all of this with one goal in mind...

To keep your favourite moments safe, using the latest security tech, to make your shopping journey completely worry-free.