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Turn Your Life Story into a Timeless Masterpiece

Preserve the essence of your life's precious moments with a stunning Memory Vault portrait, created with 50, 200, or even 1,000 of your favourite photos. 

Get your bespoke and personalized gift today, and make your memories last forever.

Museum-grade paper used in printing a Memory Vault

Unique Personalized Gift

Hand-design + cutting-edge tech

Free Worldwide Shipping

1-day proof, 4-day Delivery.

Museum-grade Prints

Produced locally in 35 countries

Guaranteed Satisfaction with a Lifetime Warranty for personalized Memory Vault portrait

Guaranteed Satisfaction

with a Lifetime Warranty

  • One-of-a-kind portrait with all your memories

  • The Perfect Gift for any person or occasion

  • Created by top artists with attention to detail.

  • Easily Upload from any device after Checkout

  • Astonish Everyone who sees it. Guaranteed.


Create your own Memory Vault in 3 Easy Steps

Personalized poster Memory Vault comes with fast online proof and unlimited revisions



Customize your poster

Upload your main image and customize your print.

Upload photos for personalized Pos


Checkout & Upload pics

After checkout, upload from 50 and up to 1,000 photos from any device.


We create your Vault

You'll get proof within 1 dayβ€”and unlimited revisionsβ€”until it's perfect.

Welcome to Made Of Memories.
Here's what we believe in:

We are a team of professional digital artists and innovators with one clear mission:

To bring joy to peoples lives by celebrating their memories. 

We believe in genuine moments, beautiful sunsets, endless romance, love, and more generally good vibes.

Because if you have such mindset, well, you must be doing something right.

We believe in displaying your love and affection unfiltered.

We believe in love.

We believe that the Memory Vault is the greatest innovation in photography, well, since the photograph came out in 1826.

We believe Black Lives Matter.

We believe in True Diversity.

We believe we have a purpose to give back.

We believe your satisfaction comes first, middle, and last for us.

-Team Made Of Memories

Free shipping on all orders

What Makes The Memory Vault Great?

It's designed by the best artists and our state-of-the-art AI & Machine Learning software.

It's printed on Museum-Grade Quality paper that lasts up to 200 years.

It's produced locallyβ€”and delivered fast and freeβ€”in 35 countries.

Museum-grade paper used in printing a Memory Vault

Your Photos, AI-Enhanced

1-Day Proof + Unlimited Revisions

Privacy Guaranteed

Guaranteed Satisfaction with a Lifetime Warranty for personalized Memory Vault portrait

Lifetime Warranty

Free shipping on all orders