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Gifting someone special a present that not only reflects your love and affection towards them but also captures a lifetime of memories is a unique and special gesture. In today's fast-paced world, we all have a plethora of pictures stored in our digital devices, but how many of these do we actually get to see and appreciate? The Memory Vault is here to change that!

What exactly is the Memory Vault ?

The Memory Vault is a one-of-a-kind and innovative gift idea that combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with your most treasured memories. It is a personalized portrait made up of 50–1500 small photos stitched together to create a stunning and beautiful image.

This artificial intelligence-generated portrait is printed on high-quality 250 gsm matte Museum-Quality long-lasting uncoated paper, giving it a professional and elegant appearance.

What is our mission?

Life is full of surprises. And we all know that they are not always good ones. 

The passing of a loved one is one of those. A feeling one surely will remember. However when one life goes - another one comes, and sometimes they come very close to meeting each other. 

For example an elderly father's daughter is expecting a child, but the person passes away before thay can meet their grandson. 

This is where the Memory Vault comes in to try and help ease this pain at least a little bit.

  So allow us to show you how exactly this works:

Step One : Sending the two main images

The first thing you need to do is send an image of the person that is no longer with us, and also to send a main image for the Memory Vault that this person will be implemented in by our designers. 

For the best looking results you can use close up images without too much background going on. 

For example like these : 

Step Two : Approving the edited design

When our designers are finished implementing the person into the main photo, we will send a proof to you via e-mail, where you can approve the design or return it for modifications. You can also choose a background color for your Memory Vault.

Step Three: Uploading all of your pictures and receiving your Memory Vault

The final step is to upload all of your photos that will create the Memory Vault. A visual proof will be sent to you for this also, so you can again approve the design or request modifications.

We are constantly bombarded with images and videos in today's digital world, but how many of these do we actually get to see and appreciate? 

The Memory Vault allows you to bring your memories to life and display them in a meaningful and beautiful manner. 

Whether you're looking for a party gift, unique gifts, or e-voucher, we've got you covered.

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“The best purchase I've ever made! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the product and concept! I've told everyone about it and would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone for a gift!”

Kala J. / 34 years old from New York, USA.